Chinese Software Introduction

Chinese Typing (or Chinese Input) tools.

Typing Chinese is not difficult if you choose the right software. The most popular way to type Chinese is by way of pinyin. A good Chinese input software should be able to be quick, fault-tolerant, has Chinese word input shortcut, Zi & word sample usage lookup, and in many cases, be able to predict Chinese word input, and have Step-by-step slide-demo for of inputting Chinese.

A typical such software to input Chinese with is HanWJ Chinese Input Engine.
A tutorial for Chinese language input can be downloaded here: Chinese Typing Tutorial.

Chinese Editing (or Chinese Word Processing) tools.

You need a Chinese Editor to Edit Chinese. It is very useful to have a Chinese word processor handy, for Chinese learning, Chinese teaching, as well as Chinese text processing purposes.

Besides basic Chinese text editting facilities, other desirable features for a Chinese word processor are: MS Word-compatibility, can add toned-PinYin on top of Zi, can speak Chinese/English texts, Speak-when-typing, Chinese-to-English Dictionary, Toned Pinyin Input.

A typical Chinese software to process Chinese text is HanWJ Smart Chinese Editor.

Chinese Writing Software.

Mastering the art of Writing Chinese is very essential for really learning Chinese.

There is a unique Chinese Write software which lets you learn Chinese Writing with a Keypad.
It features: Stroke-based Chinese Input. Chinese Writing Emulation. Easy to learn.

A typical software to learn Chinese Writing can be found at: Star9 Chinese Write.

Enjoy the beauty of Chinese symbolic characters in writing.

Chinese Text-to-Speech Software.

Mastering the art of Listening Chinese is also very essential for learning Chinese.

There is a unique Chinese Speech software which lets you listen to the web with just two mouse clicks.
It features: Speak out Chinese/English text selected in a normal window. Convenient tool for Presentation, or learning & teaching Chinese or listening to articles while working. With SpeechAnywhere, Speech from web page or other window is just a click away! Specifically suitable for people with eye-problems..

This world-only Chinese speech software can be downloaded at: SpeechAnywhere

After all, Chinese typing is not difficult!