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IV.Advanced Features.

     Word Forecast Feature: In Chinese language, in many situation, by looking at the input already done, the following elements can be forecasted. HanWJ utilizes this feature to further boost the Chinese input speed.

    When HanWJ prompts the forecasted language elements,you can either ignore it or type F8 or <Right-Alt>+P to input it.


More example:


     Find-A-Saying Feature: This feature is a dialog which helps you to find a related saying by using a character or word. You launches this dialog by Right-Alt+S; then input the key character or word; then start find. HanWJ will then list all the related sayings from several categories (word, peom, adages,etc.) from a Sayings database.You can then select the Saying you like from the prompt list and paste it into your document.

This feature is also useful for Chinese learning for finding out related usages of a character or word.

      HanWJ maintains a Sayings database internally, which now contains a collection of more than 27000 items. HanWJ makes no warranties, either express or implied, with respect to the correctness and righteouseness of items in this database.

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