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Chinese Smart Editor

Chinese Editor Software Free Download

Chinese learning, Chinese teaching, Chinese editor.

Chinese word processing (RTF-based, Word-compatible). Add PinYin on character (Chinese pinyin annotation). Chinese/English text-to-speech (TTS). Speak-when-typing, save and play. Chinese-to-English Dictionary. Display of dictionary info for character under mouse pointer. Powerful conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese. Chinese text recovery. Chinese Toned Pinyin Input. Type Chinese.

New: (1) Chinese Zi/Ci Info (Definition, Zi Decomposition, Stroke Order, etc.) lookup dialog; Generate annotated Chinese text stream if a block of text is selected (Alt+Z). (2) Find out Zi by its components dialog (Alt+X).

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Annotated Chinese Reader

Chinese-English Dictionary Free Download

Click to Display HanZi Info Anywhere. Chinese Reading Helper. Online Chinese-English Dictionary.

Most convenient tool for reading Chinese text. Chinese character or ci definition, parts decomposition, stroke order, pronounciation - All is just clicks away! Can even annotate whole selected text block for dictionary meanings. Also has function to speak out Chinese/English text - Chinese TTS.

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USB version

Chinese Input Engine

Chinese Input Software Free Download

Type Chinese into normal windows.

  • Very popular, PinYin-based.
  • Quick, fault-tolerant. Chinese word input shortcut.
  • Zi & word usage quick lookup.
  • Zi Info (including Definition, Zi Decomposition, Stroke Order, etc.) lookup dialog at finger tip.
  • Find out Zi by its components dialog.
  • Many Chinese input assistant features.
  • Step-by-step slide-demo for rich features of typing Chinese.

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USB version


Chinese Text-to-Speech Software Free Download

On-Screen News-Reader. Chinese Text-To-Speech. Chinese Learning Tool. Listen Up Web for visually handicapped. Listen to web & online articles in Chinese/English.

Speak out Chinese/English text selected in a normal window; Chinese TTS. Convenient tool for Presentation, or learning & teaching Chinese or listening to articles while working. With SpeechAnywhere, Speech from web page or other window is just a click away! Specifically suitable for people with eye-problems. Hearing aid.

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Chinese Notes Chinese Notes Software Free Download

Chinese editing for plain text file.

Editing Chinese plain-text files (txt, gb, big5 files, etc.). Chinese word search/replacement in files. Block selection. Sync-view of files. Save HTML. Conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese. Chinese text recovery. Chinese Input Method.

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Star9 Chinese Write

Chinese Writing Learning Software Free Download

Learn Chinese Hand Writing with a Keypad.

Stroke-based Chinese Input Method. Chinese Writing Emulation. Learn to write Chinese characters. Enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters in writing. After all, writing Chinese is not that difficult!

To use Star9 Chinese input method, you need to have a numeric kaypad on right side of your keyboard, or you can use an external numeric keypad.

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Chinese Input Mobile (USB)

Legacy HanWJ product

Can be installed on a USB stick. Wherever you go, you can just find a computer and insert the USB stick, and snap(!), you are ready to type Chinese!

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System Requirement: Windows versions

Software Features

Chinese Chat Software "HanWJ PinYin" is the familiar Pinyin method plus a few new creative features (use of these features are not enforced): 

Chinese Pinyin Software While inputing a single character or word, the leftmost keyboard column can be used as Tone specifier keys, thus reducing the amount of PinYin input candidates by 3/4. 
Chinese Typing Software Free DownloadAny occurance of "ng" sequence can be simplified to just "g"(e.g., fang->fag, liang->liag, kuang->kuag)**.   Any occurance of "iao" can be simplified as "io"(e.g., tiao->tio, jiao->jio, xiao->xio).   Any occurance of "uang" can be simplified as "ug"(e.g., shuang->shug, kuang->kug, guang->gug). This saves a lot of typing.
Chinese Input Software Free DownloadDuring a word input, if the correct candidate cannot be found, an innovative Word-Building Processer can be activated through typing. It will analyze the already keyed-in character sequence, and match the sub-sequences to corresponding smaller word or character, eventually building up the word the user originally wants. The new word will enter the user word-database automatically (imagine your reaction if you had typed in numerous characters only to find no matching entry in the word-database, and you had to start all over again?). 
Chinese Learning Software Free DownloadThe five keys on the right side of the keyboard can be used to specify the first, second, and last strokes of the character (or the last character of a word), so as to efficiently narrow down candidates (especially for single character). 
Chinese Speech Software Free DownloadHanWJ supports both Simplified and Traditional outputs. The input engine in all of the "HanWangJian" methods innovatively uses Prefix-Match and Fuzzy-Match (Edit-Distance, Dynamic Programming)-- resulting in a flexible Chinese input method.
HanWJ also supports various ShuangPin schemes.

Learn Chinese "XingMa" is similar to WuBiZiXing [character is inputed by typing in building blocks (ZiGen, or radicals) of the character]. The distribution of ZiGen for "HanWangJian XingMa" is relatively easy to remember compared to other input methods of the same type. And once remembered, it is difficult to forget. Its input rule is natural, and the relative coding length is short; The input speed, either by character, or by word, is speedy and efficient.

Type Chinese Software Free DownloadThe HanWJ Chinese Input Asistance Feature:(Word Forecast) It utilizes an abundance of Word-for-Word dependencies inherent in the Chinese language, projecting "Next Word or Sentence" based on the input seen, thus increasing efficiency. In addition, prompts for forecasted words never interfere with normal input as the forecasts can either be used by pressing F8 or Alt+P or be ignored.

Input Chinese Software Free DownloadThe HanWJ Chinese Input Asistance Feature: (Find a Saying) When hesitating when typing, trying to find the right words to say, one can type Alt+S. It will activate the "Find A Saying?dialog, where one can type a keyword and allow HanWJ to present related typical phrases for one to choose and paste into the document. There are countless "typical" phrases in the Chinese language (ie. classic or poem phrases) that HanWJ has. Any typical Chinese phrase found in HanWJ's collection does NOT imply endorsement of it in any way.

Chinese Input DownloadIn Chinese software by, you can type in Zi with toned-pinyin on top directly. As pinyin software, direct unicode pinyin Input is also supported. These're very useful in Chinese teaching.

Chinese Type Software Free DownloadIn addition to powerful Chinese typing capabilities, Chinotes has incredible Chinese editing features including the ability of opening up six Finding- Phrases-in-Files view-area, Column-wise Selection, Second Clipboard,Multi-Window-Synchronous-View, and Global-Multi-File-Phrase-Replace.  

** "ng" simplified to just "g"; this actually is based on a rule in original Chinese Pinyin Scheme: "(6)在给汉字注音的时候,为了使拼式简短,ng 可以省作 η". In English keyboard, "η" can be represented by "g" when typing pinyin. One of the major innovations of HanWJ Pinyin is to simplify "ng" as just "g", so as to make typing a lot more convenient. We call for all Chinese Input Method Editor makers to use this method as well. Although HanWJ Chinese Input Engine made this innovation first, it is not a patent. Every one can use this method.

      About speech features in HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor.

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Note 1: The information of HanZi is based on Unicode material, which includes some rarely used tones for some HanZi.
Note 2: HanZi Click Play is the former name of Annotated Chinese Reader.

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